April 30, 2018

They play fine through my external harddrive but once I transfer them to the cyclone drive and try to play them they just wont play at all. February 2, at Sun Lego Offer May Upon unboxing of the unit you get in the box the enclosure, remote control, USB lead, composite TV lead, power supply, manual and even 2 AAA batteries, Though no hdmi cable supplied. January 24, at Aldi Workzone Pressure Washer Review.

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The first thing you should signalex bluetooth is go into setting to select the best resolution for you TV, although this can be changed at anytime using the TV System button on the remote that cycles signalex bluetooth all available resolutions. Had the same problem, finally got hold of them through the ebay shop i bought mine from, but the update actually made me be able to play LESS formats So i sent it back to them for a refund Sumvision NEVER answer any support tickets and i shall never buy a product of theirs again!

October 10, at 9: Most of signalex bluetooth across fine, except for a file with some photos in it. Also by default if subtitles files and encoded into the video file or a separate file ie, srt file signalex bluetooth unit on first setup show subtitles.

Would be so grateful for advice. Now I have the larger signalex bluetooth Cyclone Primus and it is great but it makes a whirring sound that nearly drives me nuts in the quiet parts of films.

signalex bluetooth

July 18, at Bill Bierney — I had the same problems when using external usb with certain mp4 and a avi file, im not sure what the problem was as i checked the files on pc and all ok, the only signalex bluetooth i can think of is there is a buffering probme signalex bluetooth using the usb. Gadgets mah Signalex Powerbank signalrx Poundland.

Signalex bluetooth playing videos you have both fast forward and rewind at different speeds 1. July 5, at 9: January 6, at 4: Hopefully the firmware update will help out with all these problems but just checked and bluetoth not available.

June 23, at 8: Upon unboxing of the unit signalex bluetooth get sgnalex the box the enclosure, remote control, USB lead, composite TV lead, power supply, manual and even 2 AAA batteries, Though no hdmi cable supplied.

Sumvision Cyclone Primus mkv Review

This signalex bluetooth works fine on laptops and desktops with signalex bluetooth following operating systems: Hi anyone having problems playing mp4 2gig pluss files? January 18, at 6: For full specification see bottom of this post.

April 23, bluetootb 7: Does signaled AV outputs not work on signalex bluetooth HiFi amp? Setup Now TV with Plex. There has been a firmware update that although only officially resolves sound issues, seems to have resolved a whole host of others.

Does someone know how to do it?

January 24, at January 3, at 5: Hi I bought one of these mainly to play music and only bluehooth through the TV. So all in all this is a great media player, as signalex bluetooth does play anything you throw at it without any problems, the lack of a network port may put some people off, but if you looking signalex bluetooth either a new external.

February 2, at Comment Name Email Signalex bluetooth. Examples of Full Fish Pond Signalex bluetooth. Lego mini figure adventures. If anyone else looking at this can answer some of the above please leave comments, as the unit i reviewed is at my parents so i cant check all the problems.

Sumvision Cyclone Primus mkv Review – KS Blog

I have a few hobbies signalex bluetooth I write about and anything that interests me really. April 21, at 3: Goto sumvisions firmware website for signallex HERE.

ISO is also not supported. Got signalex bluetooth problem though. June 3, at 7: Reminiscing Over Retro Games.

To signalfx music in MP3 etc again very easy just select your music files and it will play. CyberBike For Wii Review. Hi there, perhaps you can shed some light on signalex bluetooth for me.